OnCore Terminology

Terms and abbreviations listed here are commonly used in the OnCore system and/or by OnCore Support, and definitions are provided to help the OnCore user community. 

  • Commonly used clinical trial acronyms can be found here.


Term Definition
Additional visits Visits which are related to the protocol but are not assigned a time point in the calendar. May also be called Unscheduled Visits.
Anchor dates Dates entered into OnCore which drive the calendar to open/close segments. See Anchor Date Types below.
Billing designations Indicates how a procedure will be billed. Appears as “M” (Medicare) or “S” (Sponsor) in the OnCore calendar. M indicates that it will be billed to patient/insurance. S indicates it will be paid for by the Sponsor.
Calendar validation Study team review of OnCore calendar before release.
Management Group A Management Group belongs to an Organizational Unit (OU) and represents a smaller team, usually focused on a research/clinical specialty or administrative area within the OU. At the University of Arizona Cancer Center, Management Groups (also called Disease Teams) include BMT/Leukemia, Breast Cancer, Central Nervous System, Children’s Oncology, Cutaneous Oncology, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary/Renal, Gynecological Oncology, Head and Neck, Lung, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Pediatric Oncology, Phase I, Precision Medicine, Prevention, Radiation Oncology, and Sarcoma.
Optional segments Segments of the OnCore calendar which may only apply to certain arms. If needed, must be selected on the Subject calendar page.
Sequence number Patient/Subject identification number, often assigned by sponsor.

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Anchor Date Types

Name Definition
Consent Signed Date the subject signs consent
On Study • IIT (Randomized): Date treatment is assigned
• IIT (Non-Randomized): Consent signed date 
• Industry: Date subject is registered 
• Cooperative Group: Date subject is registered 
On Arm Date treatment is assigned
On Treatment Day one of treatment
Off Treatment Date the subject stops all study drugs/device(s)
Off Arm Date the subject finished Arm-related procedures and events
On Follow-Up Date subject begins Follow-Up or Pre-Progression Follow-Up (for Oncology studies) or Day after Off Treatment date
Date of Progression Date subject progresses (for Oncology studies)
Off Study Date subject's participation ends and no more data will be collected. All expired subjects must have an Off Study date (for Oncology studies).

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Abbreviation Meaning
AE Adverse Event
BHRF Banner Health
COI Conflict of Interest
CRC Clinical Research Coordinator
CRF Case Report Form
CTMS Clinical Trial Management System
DOB Date of Birth
DSMC Data Safety Monitoring Committee
ICF Informed Consent Form
IIT Investigator Initiated Trial
IRB Institutional Review Board
LTFU Long-Term Follow-Up
MRN Medical Record Number
OTA Open to Accrual
OU Organizational Unit
PHI Protected Health Information
PRMC Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee
RIA Research Intake Application
SAE Serious Adverse Event
SIV Site Initiation Visit
SRC Scientific Review Committee

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