Login Troubleshooting

New Users

If you are new to OnCore UAHS, user accounts are created after completion of OnCore training, all prerequisite trainings, and an OnCore confidentiality agreement. Your login access will be created after those requirements are met. Access to eReg will follow similar requirements (to be announced later) upon its launch.

Existing Users

If you have an active OnCore user account and are having trouble logging into the system, this page provides guidance for troubleshooting the problem. If you are able to successfully log in but do not have access to a protocol, please contact your study team's regulatory (IRB) coordinator to make sure they have added you to the protocol's study staff in OnCore.

Before you begin your login troubleshooting, please check your inbox and Junk Email (spam) folder to make sure you haven’t missed any emails from OnCore Support (or your departmental regulatory coordinator) about expired user credentials. If your HIPAACITI Human Research, or Information Security Awareness certification has expired, it is possible that your account was temporarily inactivated until your recertification was completed. If you received an email about an expired credential, it should include instructions for steps to take to have your account reactivated.

If all of your certifications are still current, please visit TicketCat to create a support ticket. Since TicketCat provides support for multiple software products and digital tools, please specificy that your support request is for your OnCore account. You will then need to follow the steps below to restore your account.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache. On most Windows browsers you can press Control + Shift + Delete simultaneously to open the cache management dialogue box. On most Apple versions you can press command + shift + delete simultaneously. A guide is available from University Analytics & Institutional Research to help you through the remainder of the process.
  2. Next, close your browser completely, including any other tabs you have open. Your cache will not clear completely unless the entire browser is closed.
  3. OnCoreIT will send you a new account authentication email from uahs-oncore-prod-noreply@forteresearchapps.com. Click on button in the email and follow the prompts in your browser to sign in with your UArizona NetID and password.  You can only user the button’s embedded link one time, so it’s important to complete the steps above before clicking on it.
  4. After signing in, you will be redirected to OnCore: https://uahs-oncore-prod.forteresearchapps.com.
  5. After you close this instance of OnCore, you can log back in later at https://uahs-oncore-prod.fortereserachapps.com. Your username will be your NetID.

If these steps do not resolve your login issues, please update your support ticket or create a new one.

If you have an existing eReg account because your department has been selected for an early rollout, please contact the regulatory coordinator or other staff member who created the account for you.